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And all this vast exotic wild
is but the fancy of a child.

Lay your head d
and sleep.
Who are you?
When you rise from your bed in the morning, you may be the average working corpse. Nine to five, five days a week, and utterly, utterly unremarkable. You may be the star of the track. Lightning fast, taking your team to the nationals. Remarkable in your own way, but still ordinary. You might be the newspaper vendor on the corner, ordinary, but the bearer of extraordinary words in type.
But you met Alice.

So lay your head d
and raise it
in the most remarkable world.
Who are you now?
In this world of queens and rushing rabbits, of gardens that speak and fields of chessboard marble, you find yourself changed. Disoriented, perhaps demented, but certainly quite, quite mad.
It's all right.
We're all mad here.

Cast List:

The Fool - Billy (The White Rabbit)
The Magician - Lucas (The Mad Hatter)
The High Priestess - Angela (The Duchess)
The Lovers - Maria Rosa (The Live Flowers)
Strength - Jo (Herself)
The Hanged Man - Jack (The White Knight)
Death - Alice (Alice)
Temperance - Dani (The March Hare)
The Moon - Lynette (The Dormouse)
The Cheshire Cat


Concept and World: crimsoncookie
Introduction: syvia

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass originally by Lewis Carroll.